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How to Audition at Theatre Victoria

Audition Form - we have these at our auditions, but you can save time and fill it out now

Prior to Auditions -- Auditions are open to all and everyone is welcome—no experience necessary!  Find a copy of the script, read the play, and become familiar with the characters.  Scripts are usually available for rental from the theatre office and audition sides as well as a roster of characters are on the website before auditions.  You will be asked to read from the sides, but the director also may ask for more from the script.  Information regarding general age or any physical character requirements for the next show being cast is posted prior to auditions.

Initial Audition -- You will be asked to complete an audition form that includes past stage experience, contact information and your schedule. Please know your possible rehearsal conflicts.  You may not have ANY conflicts during tech week or for any performance. During your audition, the directors will be considering you in the context of the play being cast .The director will be listening to your vocal quality, assessing your stage presence and projection, and observing your movement. Be prepared to answer questions from the director.

Casting -- This is a highly subjective process involving artistic choices that are influenced by many factors including but not limited to:

  • The factors listed above
  • Compatibility with the ensemble in terms of physicality and interpersonal "chemistry"
  • Demonstrated ability to take direction
  • The artistic judgment of the director

You will be notified by email a few days after auditions whether you are cast or not. If you are not cast, please consider the number of factors that led to the director's decision. Everyone who has ever auditioned, including most directors, knows the anxiety of auditioning and the pain of not being cast. Don’t let it discourage you from attending future auditions or taking advantage of the many other volunteer opportunities available to you.  

Musicals – in addition to the information above, musicals require both a vocal and choreography audition. Please bring sheet music for a song you have prepared. There will be a piano accompanist (preferred) but you may bring music on a cd (and the cd player) if you need to. We prefer show tunes, so pick something that shows off your talent and that you enjoy singing.  You can choose something from the show you are auditioning for, but it’s not necessary at all.  What you sing isn’t nearly as important as HOW you sing!

Dress comfortable and in shoes you can dance in.  You don’t need to prepare any type of dance program prior to auditions.  The choreographer will have a short workshop during auditions and teach some basic steps for everyone to follow.  Choreographer will not be performed during your singing audition.  Never danced before?  It’s okay, this is just to see how you move.